An overview of SimpleApp, how to use, templates and features.

SimpleApp is a responsive email HTML templates compatible with Apple iPhone, Gmail App, Apple Mail, Outlook & more. By combining both fluid and responsive techniques, it accommodates a wide range of email clients and devices.

What’s included

Once you unzip the compressed folder, you will find the 6 starter themes with round and square corners. Each contains the source files, image assets, files with inline CSS, Shopify notifications, CampaignMonitor template, MailChimp and StampReady template ZIP file.

For a quick setup use the files from the html folder — the CSS is neatly placed inline for maximum compatibility. Point the image assets to your hosted versions and your are ready to go!

For major theme updates use the files from the _source folder. The external linked stylesheet will make previewing updates easy. Once you are done, embed the stylesheet internally and use the MailChimp Inliner Tool to get the CSS styles inline.

How to get in touch

As you probably guessed by now, I'm an email-person. If you have additional questions, you want to show your support, or just say hello, send me a shout at


Item support

For less hassle with license codes, use this form.